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Welcome to www.specialclay.com

Featured Product Magnetic Indian Clay
Magnetic Indian Clay

Our objective at Specialclay.com is the promotion and awareness of Natural Health Care Products. We offer  Indian Clay and Calcium Bentonite Clays, Dead Sea and Himalayan Mineral Bath Salts, Moroccan Red Clay, and also Dead Sea Black Mud. It is our hope that you will benefit from these "All Natural Health Products" and most of all become a satisfied customer.

Whether you're looking to Detoxify your Body, Clear Acne, Wrinkles, Psoriasis, or just enjoy a Exotic Salt Bath or Clay Facial. Feel free to review our products and email us with any questions or comments that you may have.

We would also like to take time to thank our customers.
Thank you for your loyal support you are really appreciated.

For sales quotes outside the United States, questions, and all other information please email sales@specialclay.com.

Our Mailing Address is:
Advanced Manufacturing Company
204 E. Through St.
Farina, Illinois 62838

To order by phone (for orders only) please call 1-618-245-2591.

Below are Some Indian Clay Customer Comments:

¶ I am writing to thank for sending me the Indian Clay quickly! I had what appeared to be a brown recluse spider bite. It was the size of a quarter with necrotic tissue at the center. When the blister around it burst, the fluid was nasty smelling like dead decaying stuff. Anyone a friend of mine is a nurse who recommended that I go immediately to a doc and have it surgically cut out. I hate docs and cutting even more. She then told me as an alternative I could put betadyne on it and frequently change the packing. I did this for a few days with little results. I just a week's time the spider bite shrank down to the size of half a penny. Now it almost all healed up. There is just a small scab on it which is almost ready to fall off by itself. I put a wound daily with wet Indian Clay compress and it soon felt better. I believe by changing the Indian Clay daily it slowly debreed the necrotic tissue. Thanks again! allan

¶ This is a comment not a question: Just wanted to let you know how great this stuff works on Yeast infections. I cannot use Monistat and this is better than anything else I've ever used.
I started out using it as a blemish healer which it is so super for and have discovered it works on kids' cuts, they heal faster than with Neosporin. Red marks left over from previous blemishes are fading faster than anything I've ever used before, tightens pores so well they look almost non existent on my nose. Bruises lighten, skin itself brightens and lights up wherever it is used at. I am totally sold. Thank you so much!

¶ I have been using it on my psoriasis, and it seems to be working to lesson the problem. I believe that if I would use it on a more regular basis, that it might be possible to rid myself of this problem. I use distilled water to make a jar of this putty like paste, and put it on a quarter inch thick, then use plastic wrap, and make three wraps around affected area, and use scotch tape on seam in a couple places to help hold it on. I do this before I go to bed, and in the morning I use a plastic knife to carefully scrape the wet clay off, and every time I see quite an improvement.

¶ I have made capsules out of this clay, and have ate spoons full to cleanse my intestinal tract, used a thin coat of this clay paste on poison ivy, and let it dry, and it worked. I have been sharing it with friends, and family, for it is great item to have around the house.


¶ Fantastic! When I get a bad breakout, I use it and it clears it up quick. I haven't used it as body wrap yet, but it is on my list. Will let you know how it turns out.I bought it for spider bites and the like. I use it almost daily on my face and it sure is looking lots better. Thanks for a great product!

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